Feasibility Toolbox 1.0

Feasibility Toolbox 1.0

Feasibility toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox that estimates feasibility of a new point in design space in constraint optimization using multiple surrogates and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curves.

Details about it can be found in the User Manual in "docs". Detailed description of all the parameters used in each function can be found inside the respective function. You can also type the following to get help for that function (after adding it to MATLAB path).

>> help function_name

There are also some examples included in the Examples folder which will help to understand how the function is used.

More details about this work can be found in the paper "Estimating Feasibility Using Multiple Surrogates and ROC Curves".

The Surrogate Toolbox 3.0 was developed by Felipe Viana as a free MATLAB toolbox while he was a PhD student in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization Group and is also available for download. The surrogate toolbox needs to be installed as it is used by the Feasibility toolbox 1.0 to build surrogates.

Installation of Surrogate toolbox 3p0:

Unzip the file, open a MATLAB terminal and go to the directory where the toolbox is, for example: C:\Users\Public\projects\SurrogatesToolbox3p0 (there is no preference for where you will unzip it).

Next, type:

>> cd setup\

>> srgtsInstall

At this point, the setup routine will help you to install the current version of the SURROGATES Toolbox. For further information, see the user's manual.